AAU SCHOOL FEES: As an aspiring student of Ambrose Alli University (AAU) or a parent or guardian of one, it is important to have a good understanding of the school fees structure to make informed decisions. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on the AAU school fees, including the breakdown and payment procedures.



How to Pay AAU School Fees

To pay the AAU school fees, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the AAU portal: https://aaue.waeup.org/login
  2. Login with your JAMB registration number as username and your surname as the password.
  3. Generate the RRR code for the fees you want to pay.
  4. Proceed to make payment either through the bank or online.
  5. Print the receipt and keep a copy for future reference.

AAU School Fees Structure

The school fees structure of AAU varies depending on the faculty, department, and level of study. It is important to note that the fees structure is subject to change at any time, and it is advisable to confirm with the school authorities for the current fees schedule.

Below is a breakdown of the school fees for AAU for the this academic session:

FacultyDepartmentSchool Fees ()Lms Plus Fees ()Total ()
AgricultureAnimal Science₦118,000₦20,000₦138,000
 Crop Science₦118,000₦20,000₦138,000
 Agricutural Economics & Extension₦118,000₦20,000₦138,000
 Soil Science₦118,000₦20,000₦138,000
 Mass Communication₦102,250₦20,000₦122,250
 Religion Management and Cultural Studies₦102,250₦20,000₦122,250
 Theatre and Media Arts₦102,250₦20,000₦122,250
Basic Medical SciencesAnatomy₦135,000₦20,000₦155,000
Medical Laboratory SciencesChemical Pathology₦135,000₦20,000₦155,000
 Haematology/Blood Transmission Science₦135,000₦20,000₦155,000
 Medical Microbiology₦135,000₦20,000₦155,000
Clinical SciencesMedicine And Surgery₦166,000₦20,000₦186,000
EducationBusiness Education₦118,000₦20,000₦138,000
 Curriculum and Instruction₦118,000₦20,000₦138,000
 Educational Foundation and Management₦118,000₦20,000₦138,000
 Guidance & Counselling₦118,000₦20,000₦138,000
 Human Kinetics  and Health Education₦118,000₦20,000₦138,000
 Library and Information Science₦102,250₦20,000₦122,250
 Vocational and Technical Education₦118,000₦20,000₦138,000
Environmental SciencesArchitecture₦128,500₦20,000₦148,500
 Fine and Applied Arts₦102,250₦20,000₦122,250
 Geography and Environmental Management₦102,250₦20,000₦122,250
Engineering  And  TechnologyAgricultural and Bio-Resources Engineering₦128,500₦20,000₦148,500
 Civil Engineering₦128,500₦20,000₦148,500
 Electrical Engineering₦128,500₦20,000₦148,500
 Mechanical Engineering₦128,500₦20,000₦148,500
 Industrial and Production Engineering₦128,500₦20,000₦148,500
 Materials and Metallurgical Engineering₦128,500₦20,000₦148,500
Life SciencesBiochemistry₦118,000₦20,000₦138,000
 Human Nutrition and Dietetics₦118,000₦20,000₦138,000
Management ScienceAccounting₦135,000₦20,000₦155,000
 Banking And Finance₦116,000₦20,000₦136,000
 Business Administration₦116,000₦20,000₦136,000
 Public Administration₦116,000₦20,000₦136,000
Physical SciencesChemistry₦118,000₦20,000₦138,000
 Computer Science₦128,500₦20,000₦148,500
Social ScienceEconomics₦116,000₦20,000₦136,000
 Political Science₦102,250₦20,000₦122,250

Late Payment Charges

It is important to note that there is a penalty for late payment of school fees. Any student who fails to pay their school fees within the stipulated time frame will be required to pay an additional fee of ₦10,000. This fee increases to ₦20,000 for students who fail to pay after the late registration deadline.

AAU school fees are affordable when compared to other universities in Nigeria. The management of the institution has made payment of fees easy and accessible to students. We advise that students pay their fees promptly to avoid any issues with the school authority.

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